Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finishing machines

Our range of FINISHING MACHINES includes Shot blasting machines, Grit blasting machines, Shot peening machines, Airless centrifugal blast cleaning machines, wheel blasting machines in Tumblast, Table, Hanger, Continuous conveyor models as well spare parts; Sand blasting machines, Air blasting machines, Blast cleaning machines, Abrasive blasting machines in Portable as well cabinet models which include the Pressure blasting, Suction blasting and Wet blasting machines; Vibratory finishing machines, Centrifugal finishing machines, Ball burnishing machines, Trough vibratory finishing machines available with PU and Synthetic Rubber linings in various sizes as well the Vibratory dryers; Latest in Deburring machines i.e. the Electro Chemical Deburring machines which are most suitable for the cross hole deburring as well many other applications; Introducing shortly - the Thermal Deburring method, which removes inside burrs (for example crossholes, intersections) and also burrs at the outside surface of workpieces............
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