Monday, March 30, 2015

Poem : Digital India, Intel India !

Digital India, Intel India,
Digitized India, Intel India,
E Governed India, Intel India,
MyGov India, Intel India,

Analytic India, Intel India,
Dynamic India, Intel India,
Compute India, Intel India,
Salute India, Intel India,

Deployed India, Intel India.
Employed India, Intel India,
Festive India, Intel India,
Productive India, Intel India,

Growing India, Intel India,
Top Growth India, Intel India,
Innovate India, Intel India,
Empowered India, Intel India

Mobile India, Intel India,
It’s Smile India, Intel India,
On track India, Intel India,
Right track India, Intel India,

Powerful India, Intel India,
Beautiful India, Intel India,
Real time India, Intel India,
Real sense India, Intel India,

Techno India, Intel India,
Electro India, Intel India
Wireless India, Intel India,
Progress India, Intel India

Log on India, Intel India, Intel India,     <<<<<LINK
#DigitalIndia, Intel India,
Inside India, Intel India.

It’s my India, Intel India,
Citizens India, Intel India,
Digital India, Intel India,
Digitized India, Intel India.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Power of being #together !

I had passed my 12th class with good marks and had applied for various courses in the Delhi University but it was just a chance that I missed a seat by a little percentage and could not gain anywhere in DU. It was probably the worst day of my life. The future was looking dark. I wept & cried a lot. I was not willing to go back to my home as i was scared. One of my friend asked me to talk to my parents, but I refused.

My friend called my father and informed him the status. My father immediately rushed to us in his car. On viewing my father, I hugged him & started crying. My father said nothing. He just smiled. He just patted on my back. He took all of us to our home. He ordered some good food for all of us & we discussed a lot.

I knew my father very well but surprisingly, he looked quite a different person on that day. He was absolutely optimistic with no worries at all. His opinion was that life never ends if one door is closed. In case a door is closed, there is definitely some other door that has been opened, just for you and you have to just make a search for it.

After talking to him, i gained strength & motivation & started Looking up with optimism. I thought of searching the new door that was opened for me. I checked various courses, various entrance tests, but for all of them, one year was to be wasted as the last date for all the courses had passed. We continued our search & soon while surfing the net we found the details of some good Courses of Indira Gandhi Open University.

We spent quite a good time on IGNOU website and talked in depth about various courses. My father & mother were always standing there with smiling faces, giving a moral boost to me. They preached me to Look up and never be sad in my life, whatever the circumstances may be.

Soon we all decided a course that was not only suitable for me but had a good prospect for admission to main colleges in the next year. I applied for the course under the open university. I passed my first year with very good marks and as a result i got the admission in a Delhi University college in the second year of the degree course. It was the most memorable day of my life. It was probably the best day of my life.

Just an year ago i looked so depressed, so sad but the things had changed now in my favour. It was just because my parents had a positive attitude. They had supported me at the worst period of my life and now, i had converted it into the best period of my life. All this had happened because of the power of being #together.

Therefore, one must always Look up with positive views. The circumstances may be bad but if one has the guts, he or she can convert it into the best. You must log on to the website as it gives a boost to your search for a good home. You can also promote it by tagging @housing or +Housing-com with the hashtag #together and #lookup.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Start A New Life at the earliest possible !

We are the resident of Delhi a big metro city. It’s a beautiful city with wider roads, parks, malls, markets, hotels and every such thing which a resident requires. Metro added a big charm to it few years ago.

But the city has it’s own problems too. It has become the most polluted city of the world. We filed RTIs & the outcome was that the pollution levels in certain areas were even higher by 9 to 10 times from the prescribed limits. We arranged the lungs check up camps & found that almost 25% of the persons had mild or severe lung infections. The city has become a congested one also. The inflow of new vehicles has made it the world’s 5th most jammed city. It’s difficult to move easily even if one is in any kind of emergency. The city suffers during rainy season due to severe water logging and so on, the problems continue to rise.

Therefore, we were looking to START A NEW LIFE, a pollution free life, a green life, a healthy life. We were willing for a safe home, a green home where we can go & spend our time so that even while working in Delhi, we can be there on our weekends to feel better from others.

We checked various online websites related to property & found the It is an amazing website as it offers various opportunities. You can look for a rented home, PG or hostel facilities. You can buy or sell new homes. You can offer your property on rent. The site also exhibits amazing data of the New Projects from various locations in India with BHK & Budget options.

As we were looking for a healthy home, we checked the option of New projects & the whole lot of details opened in front of us from various cities. We clicked at Dehradun & OMG, we found so many construction sites, with budgetary details, pics & everything. It was amazing. Everything at a single go. Everything at a  single click. Almost 40 options with various budgets ranging from few lakhs to few crores, it had everything to offer.    35

It gave us almost every detail, from number of bed rooms to villa or apartment, to budget, to possession details, area details and everything that we may require to decide a project. We have downloaded their App too as it seems suitable.

We have now decided to take the BOLD decision to buy our home at Dehradun and we have selected a few options from the above website. Soon we are going there to view the location & to understand the technical advantages of every location & soon we will start a new life, a better life, a changed life, a healthy life, a desirable life with the help of

Please view the video embedded below to LOOK UP & to take a Bold & positive decision of your life.

You too can log on to the website and can promote it amongst your friends tagging @housing or +Housing-com with the hashtag #StartANewLife.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Look up with Optimism with a hope for the future !

Japan was attacked with nuclear weapons on its two cities i.e. Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Entire world had assumed that Japan will be wiped out of the growth map. But people of Japan were optimistic. Inspite of the massive attacks on their two cities, inspite of deaths of scores of persons, inspite of the large scale devastation due to the nuclear attacks, it still raised its spirits with optimism and with a hope for the future. And the outcome is that Japan now stands amongst the top most countries of the world. The citizens of Japan get visa on arrival and that too, anywhere in the world. Every organization feels proud if it has an employee from Japan. This happened because people of Japan who faced massive attacks on its soul, could come out of the trauma & could raise their mind with optimistic thoughts. In the same way, we must have the positive & optimistic thinking if we want to achieve success in our life.

One of my friend got a big shock of his life when he got the Doctors report that his father had prostate cancer. It was really shocking for the entire family. The PSA was over 4 and it should be with in 2 for any normal person. The biopsy was done & doctors advised the bone scan. Biopsy and  bone scan reports disclosed that the cancer had already reached the bones & already at the third stage. The family was shocked on finding that his life was limited to a maximum of 12 months.

The entire family was shattered on this disclosure. Even we were shocked as it was never ever assumed that a normal looking person could be in such a dangerous stage and that too due to cancer. They all decided to not to disclose about the disease to the patient. They requested doctors concerned to not to reveal the disease to the patient even though everyone knew that it was a LOST BATTLE.   31

Many doses of Chemotherapy were given to him at various hospitals but   they never told him about the disease to the patient. Even though his life was said to be of a maximum of 12 months, the family had already crossed more than two years. After almost three years, the patient came to know that he was suffering from cancer but he was told that it was just the initial stage & so there was nothing to worry. The situation further deteriorated and the Radiation started. The situation was really bad. They knew that they can’t do any more for him and after almost four & a half years he expired.

The crux is that even though they knew that it was the lost battle, that he had a maximum life of 12 months, they still looked up with optimism and with a great hope. The combined optimistic behaviour of the entire family extended his life by almost four times i.e. upto 54 months.

Truly speaking it happened in our own family & the patient was none other than my Grand father who expired in 2008. So I will just say that let whatever happen, if you are optimistic, if you have positive thoughts, you can always look upwards. Please log on to the website as it will teach you on how to look upwards in your life. You can tweet using #lookup. Pic taken with thanks from the weblink