Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Suction Blasting Machines

Vohras International offers Suction Blasting Machines in various sizes. These machines are most suitable for cleaning & finishing of Aluminium Die Castings, Brass components, Gun Metal parts as well other parts that are soft in nature. Variety of Abrasive medias can be used in these machines. Please log on to our website for complete details.


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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Shot Blasting Machines for Aluminium Die Castings & Brass parts

Shot blasting machines for Aluminium die castings, Brass & Gun metal parts are available in various models such as Tum blast, Table, Hanger & Continuous conveyor models. 

In Tum blast, a conveyor belt rotates inwards, inside the chamber of the shot blasting machine & the components are loaded on it as per the size & capacity of the machine. The door is than closed. Rotor is switched on for throwing Shots or Grits on the components. By this process, the loaded components get a universal finish. Abrasive medias such as Shots or Grits are continuously fed by the elevator of abrasive media. All the dust extracted in the process goes to the attached dust collector. On completion of desired time period, the door is opened & than the conveyor belt is driven outwards. As a result the components can be removed from the chamber. An automatic loading system can also be attached to the shot / grit blasting machine.

The Tum blast shot blasting machines are available in many sizes, right from a 2 cu ft capacity machine to a 15 & 20 cu ft capacity machines. Some of the sizes are: 20" x 27", 20" x 42", 27" x 36", 30" x 43", 36" x 42", 42" x 42" as well 48" x 48".

Similarly, Hanger model Shot blasting machines are available in Single / Double door type, Centralized hanger type as well a monorail type. In this model, the components are hanged instead of loading on the conveyor belt. Rest of the process is same. The hanger rotates for a universal finish using multiple rotors depending upon requirement. The benefit is that the components do not touch each other in the process of finishing and hence are scratch free.

Swing table model shot blasting machines are suitable for bigger or heavier components or if the smaller parts are to be shot blasted only one side. Many sizes are available from a minimum 36" of table to 120" of table in sngle as well double doors.

Continuous conveyor model shot blasting machines are suitable for smaller components which are to be shot blasted only one side with a single rotor. Multiple sides can be finished by using multiple rotors. Components are fed from one side & removed from the other side duly finished.

The spare parts for shot blasting machines, mostly wearable are made from ni hard or alloy steel to get the maximum life.The main spare parts include the Rotor, Blades, Spring locks, Cage & Impeller, Cage adapter, center plate, Top segment, Side liners, Round plates as well the conveyor belt. Few precautions are necessary while running the machine.

The Tum blast model of Shot blasting machine if to be used for finishing of smaller components is best suitable and very cost effective. we can be contacted with details of your components for a suitable size & model of shot blasting machine.

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Directory of Surface Finishing Machines !

Please log on to the web site : which is the Online Directory of Finishing Machines, Metal Finishing machines, Metal parts finishing machines, Surface finishing machines. The site offers all kinds of Polishing, Finishing & Deburring machines that include : Shot blasting, Sand blasting, Polishing, Buffing, Honing, Thermal deburring, ECD, Dry Ice blast cleaning machines and a lot more. All kinds of Ceramic media for Deburring & polishing, Stainless steel & magnetic media for Ball burnishing is also listed. Please log on to

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Sand Blasting Nozzles !

We are pleased to offer Sand Blasting Nozzles in various sizes. These nozzles are available in Boron carbide & Tungston carbide. The nozzles are available in Straight bore as well Ventury bore. Please feel free to contact us for any more details. 

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