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Happy New Year 2015


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Robotic Finishing Machine Blasts Shot or Grit

Guyson Corp. has introduced a new version of its RB-RSSA-8 robotic blast system and has customized it according to the special requirements for cleaning and surface preparation of machined aerospace castings using either shot or grit media.
The new variant of the long-established model has a Fanuc Robotics LR Mate-200iD 6-axis robot mounted on the reinforced back wall of the blast chamber, a position that allows greater reach and motion capability to accommodate the range of components to be processed by the customer. In previous versions, a larger robot is mounted on a pedestal or hung from the roof of the cabinet.
A 24-inch diameter turntable is adapted to accept the component-holding fixtures for all parts to be blasted and is servomotor-driven, so the radial orientation of the component is coordinated as a seventh axis by the robot’s R-30iB controller. A jib crane mounted on the roof of the blast enclosure and a rubber-flapped crane slot facilitate loading of heavy parts onto the table, which is designed with a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

with thanks : pfonline : LINK : for detailed news report.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Machines

 How it works
The dry ice blasting uses small pellets of dry ice sprayed through a jet nozzle with compressed air to remove paints, oil, grease, dirt,ink, adhesives and other materials you want to remove. The frigid temperature of the dry ice against the dirty surface causes adhesion to shrink and loosen from the surface. On immediate impact, the dry ice evaporates into environmentally safe and innocuous CO2 gas.
The kinetic energy ( E = ½ mv 2)
The energy associated to the mass and to the speed is transferred to the surface to be cleaned / coating removal. This is the fundamental way to work either with this dry ice method or with sand / water etc.
Thermal differential
When the dry ice pellets cold touch the surface, a small thermic difference occurs between the coating material, the contaminant and the substrate. This provokes cracks and the detaching facilitating the removal process.
Micro – Explosion
When the dry ice touches the surface and it transforms into innocuous CO2 gas, , this tends to invade the cracks and the pores penetrating into the coating / contaminant.Then it warms up and it expands rapidly and it makes the coating / contaminant detaching from the substrate, favouring still further the coating removal or the cleaning process.
With an inferior pressure at 5.2 bar, the solid CO2 transforms directly in gaseous state without turning into the Liquid state. But if the blasting pressure is superior at 5.2 bar ( 5.2 x 14.7 = 76.44 psi ),the CO2 in the sublimation state will show some characteristics of the Liquid CO2 while the same reaches its "triple point". Has been proved that the Liquid CO2 is a strong organic solvent so it is reasonable to suppose that this solvent action can be present when the blasting pressure is superior at 5.2 bar.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sell your Used Finishing Machines !

If you have any kind of used / old / second hand Finishing machines such as Shot blast, Sand blast, Vibratory finishing, Polishing, Finishing, Deburring, Buffing, Honing, Lapping etc. etc. please feel free to mail us for uploading in the used machinery section of our web portal : www.finishingmachines.com You can contact us for terms & conditions in this regard.

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Banega Swachh India !

NDTV & Dettol alongwith Amitabh Bachchan have launched a mega campaign, Banega Swachh India, under the banner of CLEANATHON. It’s a great work being done by them.

The truth is that cleanliness in India is in a very very shocking & sad state and the situation is really very grim. Hindustan Times in it’s news report has just mentioned that, “ Swachh Bharat : just 20% of the Urban waste gets treated properly“. Isn’t it shocking & sad to know that since last 65 year’s we could not generate such infrastructure to treat even our own urban waste, properly. The news story can be read from the LINK.

If we are treating just 20% of our urban waste than what’s about the rest of the 80% of the urban waste ? What’s about the rural waste ? Don’t know what our Pollution watch dog : Central Pollution Control Board is doing.

Have you seen the dirty garbage dumps at various corners of your city. These are not properly cleared and not even properly segregated for treatment. These are a major cause of pollution & responsible for various kind of diseases to the masses. But we never care for it as it has become a routine for us. We have developed a habit of CHALTA HAI & so every thing continues in it's own manner even if it's absolutely wrong.

But, thanks to National Green Tribunal that is taking real interest in it. It has just asked from all the Municipal bodies that why they are failing to enforce the guidelines of the Municipal Solid Wastes ( Management and Handling) Rules, 2000 that provides for proper segregation and disposal of the waste generated in cities.

Banega Swachh India Campaign: The Swachh Express is Flagged Off

This clearly shows that how much work is still to be done for making India a Cleaner India. NDTV & Dettol are doing a great job. It will cover around 400 villages across 8 states. More details of CLEANATHON can be viewed from their website : http://swachhindia.ndtv.com/

But much more is required to be done to safeguard our motherland from the health point of view. We must join this campaign. We must come forward to clean our homes, our localities & our cities. It will result into a Swachh home, a swachh street, a swachh locality, a swachh town, a swachh city and than a swachh India. We can also make Donations for this great cause.

We must teach the masses to use Dettol for the cleanliness & hygiene. If we are not willing to do it even now, just think what will happen to our ENVIRONMENT.  Probably that’s the reason that we are already on the verge of a Cancer disaster & if not taken seriously, don’t know what more will be happening in our India.

Swachh India

NDTV & Dettol alongwith a Great Brand Ambassador Sh Amitabh Bachchan can play a much wider role to make India a cleaner one. NDTV has a very wider reach directly in the homes & hearts of masses. Similarly, Dettol is a well known, very popular brand making India a hygienic one. This combination alongwith Amitabh Bachchan can do miracles in India. If we too join them, no doubt our India will soon become a Swachh India - Banega Swachh India. Therefore, we must Join CLEANATHON on the 14th December, 2014.

Pics with thanks from : http://swachhindia.ndtv.com/

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Surface Finishing Machines !

Please log on to www.finishingmachines.com for our range of Surface finishing machines. Some of the pics are as below :

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Toilet for Babli !

Defacating in the open is a normal view in the villages as they don't have a toilet in the homes. But the shocking thing is that even in the big cities, even in the metro cities or even in the national capital, there are many who are regularly defacating in the open. If you can't believe :

1.Just board any train & the minute it starts running, you will found dozens n dozens of persons defacating in the open, on the rails making it the biggest open loo worldwide. 
2. Just go to any public place nearing any low lying colony & you will see the human dung everywhere and you will be forced to use a hanky to cover your nose.

It's true that most of the houses in the lower colonies of cities don't have a Toilet in their homes and they are forced to defacate in the open before its dawn. But the shocking fact is that, due to lack of awareness from the Govt agencies, no body has cared for it since years. It's not just that they don't have a Loo in their homes, but it is a pity that they don't have even proper education to understand the gravity of the situation.

The situation is even worst in villages. With no sanitation facilities, with no information on the term HYGIENE, with no drainage systems, with lack of water everywhere, in the absence of primary schools for the education of childrens, life has become a hell. 

The present Govt has shown great interest in it. The Swach bharat yojna & the next awareness campaign on having a LOO in the homes will definitely make an impact on the minds of persons living in the villages as well in the low lying colonies of big cities.

Govt must offer money for making Toilets in the villages so that the residents could get a better life. Govt must make Public toilets in villages with all the neat & clean facilities so that the persons living there could change their habit of defacating in the open.

Domex has done a lot in this field & its services are really commendable. The Domex Toilet Academy has done miracles in the villages of Maharashtra & Orissa. It has made clean toilets in various villages, changing the life of residents towards betterment. Domex must come forward to make the clean toilets in every village as well the lower colonies in big cities so that next time you board a train, you don't have to get the worst view of open defacating.

All the NGOs, RWAs & civic agencies must ensure that every Babli gets a Toilet in the coming years. You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on www.domex.in and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

Pic with thanks from Domex website. For any more details, please log on to the http://www.domex.in/


Yeah ! I want a beautiful home, a home which is exactly as per my wishes, my likes & my choice. A home that i can love n feel delighted. I want the best of everything in that. Be it the building systems, wall tiles, floor tiles, kitchen, bathroom as well the wardrobes alongwith the best of furniture. Luckily i found the astonishing website :


and i logged into it. It has got amazing details. First i entered into the Building systems & WOW ! what a beauty. I liked the design. A beautiful home, a beautiful garden, open space everywhere. Thats great. I love that :

Than i proceeded further for the Geo thermal energy to control the temprature in my home & to keep it coolest at the minimum cost.

It was amazing. Than i looked for the ceilings & floorings. The site has great potential. It offers a lot of things at a single point. 

The next thing i selected was the Natural wood floor finish. As it was to be a Green n Garden house, i preferred the natural wood finish as below though it was available in many designs & colours :

Modern Louvre Siena 27 x 189 x 1,5 cm

Next the wall tiles. I found these very easily. It was the first option & it matched with my choice of natural wood. It was Mosaic wood feel. Looked great to my eyes. I liked most & selected it :

Wood-Feel (6x6) 30 x 30 x 1 cm

After finishing the Buildiong system, Tiles the next but most important thing was Kitchen. I just checked various options available there. Started with Kitchen Furniture. I like Brown with white as all of my selections so far touched the natural wood feelings. So i selected as below :

G680 Roble Camel Vintage / G480 Blanco Mate

Next was the choice of Kitchen Taps. Again i selected the lavish feeling with brownish background as below :

Monomando Berlin

I told you i like white n brown. I was looking for the kitchen worktops. I liked the one as below, but i will change its colour to the natural brown for matching with my beautyful home :

Than i looked for the inside furniture. It looked great as below. Comfortable n relaxing one. Loved it.

Curve Roble Blanco Cal

It was now the turn of my beautiful bathroom, washroom. And WOW ! It looked great as i am sitting in a forest. What a beauty. Plz view it :

Neo Roble Brezo

It has a nice bath tub that i like most. I like to sit in the bath tub for hours on any holiday n relax. The showers as below looked great :

What a beauty. Rest of the items i selected were :

Light Wall

Mood Yellow

Than was the turn for wardrobes. The site offers great options. I selected the ones as below for my beautiful home :

Terra Nogal Tenue / Lino Cancún Textil

And it looked great. Matched my style, my choice of colous & my elegance :

Foc Roble Cacao / Blanco Superior Textil

Seems it's nearby completion. But i will visit the site again n again o look at What's new as well to the Showroom as they offer the Expert guidence for making your sweet home, much more sweeter, elegant n beautiful. 

This is the Indiblogger Post & more details can be looked at : http://www.24kliving.com/.

Pics have been taken from the website of PORCELANOSA
and you can visit them at : http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/  

Rember ! there are hundreds & thousands of website offering material on the internet, but, only the selective have the material that is liked by you. Porcelanosa is the one such site where i want to visit again n again for the What's new, to make my home a Dream home.

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We are the proud parents. We try our best to offer the quality food & education to our kids. But being the working parents we don't have much time for them. Most of us have to leave for our job in the morning & we are back only by evening and that too very tired.

Being nuclear families, we generally don't have anyone behind to take care of our kids and therefore we appoint a maid to take care of the child.   

This lack of attention to the kids makes them vulnerable. They eat what ever they like. They prefer the Junk food, be it a Pizza or Burger alongwith Soft drinks & Ice cream.

They don't go for playing in the ground, instead, they play on computers. They don't talk to the friends, face to face, instead they chat amongst themselves.

And the outcome is obese kids with specs on eyes with no control on BMI. Kids get severe problems such as Sugar & High Blood pressure. And in such a situation, we are forced to leave our business or job & look after the child. It transforms the so called happy home into a troubled home.

It’s a real story of one of my close friend. Now his wife has left her job & she is now looking after the kid carefully. But don’t you think that they are facing this situation for their own mistakes ?

In my opinion, if we have given birth to a child, it is solely our responsibility to look after them & to make them healthy & wise. In case we don’t have much time, still we can keep an eye on their habits. We can keep a check on their diet. Atleast on Sundays & holidays, we can pass the day with them & understand their problems & issues.

We can go for regular check ups with the family doctor so that we don’t have to face such a bad situation. We can encourage them to go to the ground & play with friends. We can offer them supplementary nutrients to maintain vital vitamins. Instead of checking the status on social network, we can keep an eye on their Report card to check the actual status.

Obesity & lack of vital vitamins are bad for the child. It not only slows the growth but also effects the mental ability & physical capability of the child. There are many nutrients available in the market such as Dabur Chyawanprash. Dabur is a good brand & most reliable. We must encourage our child to take it as prescribed so that they remain healthy. You can check more details at : https://www.liveveda.com/daburchyawanprash/.

We must remember that if our child is healthy, we can have the pleasure of a happy home & happy family & in case our child suffers from any serious problem, our happy home automatically converts into a troubled home. This effects our attention on our business or on our job & we fail to achieve the desired results even from our professional positions, which again impacts badly on the financial status of the family.

Therefore, instead of facing all such problems, just give attention to the child, just do your best to keep the child healthy & my assurance is, that you will remain wealthy.

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Alloy Steel Shots !

Alloy Steel Shots are being offered by Vohras International, direct from China. These Shots are available in various sizes. Plz feel free to mail us for the most competitive offer.

Bearing Steel Grits !

Bearing Steel Grits are being offered by Vohras International, direct from China. These grits are available in various sizes. Plz feel free to mail us for the most competitive offer.

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Mobile Shot Blaster !

Plz find below the Mobile Shot blasting equipment suitable for concrete as well metal. Condition both Before & After shot blasting is clearly visible. Please feel free to contact us for any more details. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finishing of Brass components !

Since last over 25 years we get repeated & regular calls from our old & new would be clients for the finishing of metal parts. It may be castings, forgings, aluminium die castings, zinc die castings, brass components, gun metal parts, tempered components or the sheet metal parts.

I remember a customer who visited me from Agra, almost 10 years ago, for the Finishing of brass hinges. He brought few samples with him. Moreover he could not tell me about the type of finish he required. He just asked for a better finish.

Though i could easily offer different type of finishes by using either a vibratory finishing machine OR a suction blasting machine i.e. sand blasting machine with a suction blasting gun as well a wet blaster. But i knew he had the bulk of material & a single machine won't be enough for him to meet the targets.

So i took him to my works for a trial on our Airless Shot Blasting machine i.e. Tumblast model. We did a bit of adjustments in the machine and changed the abrasive media to a desired size & quality & asked the client to come inside the workshop.

His samples were loaded in the machine & we did the shot blasting for few minutes. The minute we opened the door of the machine, our client looked more than happy. Amazing results were clearly visible on the Brass Hinge as well on the face of the client. He immediately placed the order with us & took the delivery as desired.

Friends, if you have any such component, that may be castings, forgings, aluminium die castings, zinc die castings, brass components, gun metal parts, tempered components or the sheet metal parts, for which you are looking for a better finish, just call us, just come to us. We have a wide range of latest machines for Deburring, Polishing & Finishing of all types of metal components.

Please log on to :

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shot Blasting Machines - Tumblast Model !

In Tumblast, a conveyor belt rotates inwards, inside the chamber of the shot blasting machine & the components are loaded on it as per the size & capacity of the machine. The door is than closed. Rotor is switched on for throwing Shots or Grits on the components. By this process, the loaded components get a universal finish. Abrasive medias such as Shots or Grits are continuously fed by the elevator of abrasive media. All the dust extracted in the process goes to the attached dust collector. On completion of desired time period, the door is opened & than the conveyor belt is driven outwards. As a result the components can be removed from the chamber. An automatic loading system can also be attached to the shot / grit blasting machine.
The Tumblast shot / grit blasting machines are available in many sizes, right from a 2 cu ft capacity machine to a 15 & 20 cu ft capacity machines. Some of the sizes are: 20" x 27", 20" x 42", 27" x 36", 30" x 43", 36" x 42", 42" x 42" as well 48" x 48".
Similarly, Hanger model Shot blasting machines are available in Single / Double door type, Centralised hanger type as well a monorail type. In this model, the components are hanged instead of loading on the conveyor belt. Rest of the process is same. The hanger rotates for a universal finish using multiple rotors depending upon requirement. The benefit is that the components do not touch each other in the process of finishing and hence are scratch free.
Swing table model shot blasting machines are suitable for bigger or heavier components or if the smaller parts are to be shot blasted only one side. Many sizes are available from a minimum 36" of table to 120" of table in sngle as well double doors.
Continuous conveyor model shot blasting machines are suitable for smaller components which are to be shot blasted only one side with a single rotor. Multiple sides can be finished by using multiple rotors. Components are fed from one side & removed from the other side duly finished.
The spare parts mostly wearable are made from ni hard or alloy steel to get the maximum life.The main spare parts include the Rotor, Blades, Spring locks, Cage & Impeller, Cage adapter, centre plate, Top segment, Side liners, Round plates as well the conveyor belt. Few precautions are necessary while running the machine.
The Tumblast model of Shot blasting machine if to be used for finishing of smaller components is best suitable and very cost effective. we can be contacted with details of your components for a suitable size & model of shot blasting machine.
More details can be viewed on http://www.finishingmachines.com
The author is engaged in the sale of Shot blasting machines for the last over 20 years. You can visit him on http://www.finishingmachines.com for more details.
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