Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Yeah ! I want a beautiful home, a home which is exactly as per my wishes, my likes & my choice. A home that i can love n feel delighted. I want the best of everything in that. Be it the building systems, wall tiles, floor tiles, kitchen, bathroom as well the wardrobes alongwith the best of furniture. Luckily i found the astonishing website :


and i logged into it. It has got amazing details. First i entered into the Building systems & WOW ! what a beauty. I liked the design. A beautiful home, a beautiful garden, open space everywhere. Thats great. I love that :

Than i proceeded further for the Geo thermal energy to control the temprature in my home & to keep it coolest at the minimum cost.

It was amazing. Than i looked for the ceilings & floorings. The site has great potential. It offers a lot of things at a single point. 

The next thing i selected was the Natural wood floor finish. As it was to be a Green n Garden house, i preferred the natural wood finish as below though it was available in many designs & colours :

Modern Louvre Siena 27 x 189 x 1,5 cm

Next the wall tiles. I found these very easily. It was the first option & it matched with my choice of natural wood. It was Mosaic wood feel. Looked great to my eyes. I liked most & selected it :

Wood-Feel (6x6) 30 x 30 x 1 cm

After finishing the Buildiong system, Tiles the next but most important thing was Kitchen. I just checked various options available there. Started with Kitchen Furniture. I like Brown with white as all of my selections so far touched the natural wood feelings. So i selected as below :

G680 Roble Camel Vintage / G480 Blanco Mate

Next was the choice of Kitchen Taps. Again i selected the lavish feeling with brownish background as below :

Monomando Berlin

I told you i like white n brown. I was looking for the kitchen worktops. I liked the one as below, but i will change its colour to the natural brown for matching with my beautyful home :

Than i looked for the inside furniture. It looked great as below. Comfortable n relaxing one. Loved it.

Curve Roble Blanco Cal

It was now the turn of my beautiful bathroom, washroom. And WOW ! It looked great as i am sitting in a forest. What a beauty. Plz view it :

Neo Roble Brezo

It has a nice bath tub that i like most. I like to sit in the bath tub for hours on any holiday n relax. The showers as below looked great :

What a beauty. Rest of the items i selected were :

Light Wall

Mood Yellow

Than was the turn for wardrobes. The site offers great options. I selected the ones as below for my beautiful home :

Terra Nogal Tenue / Lino Cancún Textil

And it looked great. Matched my style, my choice of colous & my elegance :

Foc Roble Cacao / Blanco Superior Textil

Seems it's nearby completion. But i will visit the site again n again o look at What's new as well to the Showroom as they offer the Expert guidence for making your sweet home, much more sweeter, elegant n beautiful. 

This is the Indiblogger Post & more details can be looked at : http://www.24kliving.com/.

Pics have been taken from the website of PORCELANOSA
and you can visit them at : http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/  

Rember ! there are hundreds & thousands of website offering material on the internet, but, only the selective have the material that is liked by you. Porcelanosa is the one such site where i want to visit again n again for the What's new, to make my home a Dream home.

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