Thursday, November 13, 2014


We are the proud parents. We try our best to offer the quality food & education to our kids. But being the working parents we don't have much time for them. Most of us have to leave for our job in the morning & we are back only by evening and that too very tired.

Being nuclear families, we generally don't have anyone behind to take care of our kids and therefore we appoint a maid to take care of the child.   

This lack of attention to the kids makes them vulnerable. They eat what ever they like. They prefer the Junk food, be it a Pizza or Burger alongwith Soft drinks & Ice cream.

They don't go for playing in the ground, instead, they play on computers. They don't talk to the friends, face to face, instead they chat amongst themselves.

And the outcome is obese kids with specs on eyes with no control on BMI. Kids get severe problems such as Sugar & High Blood pressure. And in such a situation, we are forced to leave our business or job & look after the child. It transforms the so called happy home into a troubled home.

It’s a real story of one of my close friend. Now his wife has left her job & she is now looking after the kid carefully. But don’t you think that they are facing this situation for their own mistakes ?

In my opinion, if we have given birth to a child, it is solely our responsibility to look after them & to make them healthy & wise. In case we don’t have much time, still we can keep an eye on their habits. We can keep a check on their diet. Atleast on Sundays & holidays, we can pass the day with them & understand their problems & issues.

We can go for regular check ups with the family doctor so that we don’t have to face such a bad situation. We can encourage them to go to the ground & play with friends. We can offer them supplementary nutrients to maintain vital vitamins. Instead of checking the status on social network, we can keep an eye on their Report card to check the actual status.

Obesity & lack of vital vitamins are bad for the child. It not only slows the growth but also effects the mental ability & physical capability of the child. There are many nutrients available in the market such as Dabur Chyawanprash. Dabur is a good brand & most reliable. We must encourage our child to take it as prescribed so that they remain healthy. You can check more details at :

We must remember that if our child is healthy, we can have the pleasure of a happy home & happy family & in case our child suffers from any serious problem, our happy home automatically converts into a troubled home. This effects our attention on our business or on our job & we fail to achieve the desired results even from our professional positions, which again impacts badly on the financial status of the family.

Therefore, instead of facing all such problems, just give attention to the child, just do your best to keep the child healthy & my assurance is, that you will remain wealthy.

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