Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Start A New Life at the earliest possible !

We are the resident of Delhi a big metro city. It’s a beautiful city with wider roads, parks, malls, markets, hotels and every such thing which a resident requires. Metro added a big charm to it few years ago.

But the city has it’s own problems too. It has become the most polluted city of the world. We filed RTIs & the outcome was that the pollution levels in certain areas were even higher by 9 to 10 times from the prescribed limits. We arranged the lungs check up camps & found that almost 25% of the persons had mild or severe lung infections. The city has become a congested one also. The inflow of new vehicles has made it the world’s 5th most jammed city. It’s difficult to move easily even if one is in any kind of emergency. The city suffers during rainy season due to severe water logging and so on, the problems continue to rise.

Therefore, we were looking to START A NEW LIFE, a pollution free life, a green life, a healthy life. We were willing for a safe home, a green home where we can go & spend our time so that even while working in Delhi, we can be there on our weekends to feel better from others.

We checked various online websites related to property & found the https://housing.com/. It is an amazing website as it offers various opportunities. You can look for a rented home, PG or hostel facilities. You can buy or sell new homes. You can offer your property on rent. The site also exhibits amazing data of the New Projects from various locations in India with BHK & Budget options.

As we were looking for a healthy home, we checked the option of New projects & the whole lot of details opened in front of us from various cities. We clicked at Dehradun & OMG, we found so many construction sites, with budgetary details, pics & everything. It was amazing. Everything at a single go. Everything at a  single click. Almost 40 options with various budgets ranging from few lakhs to few crores, it had everything to offer.    35

It gave us almost every detail, from number of bed rooms to villa or apartment, to budget, to possession details, area details and everything that we may require to decide a project. We have downloaded their App too as it seems suitable.

We have now decided to take the BOLD decision to buy our home at Dehradun and we have selected a few options from the above website. Soon we are going there to view the location & to understand the technical advantages of every location & soon we will start a new life, a better life, a changed life, a healthy life, a desirable life with the help of https://housing.com/.

Please view the video embedded below to LOOK UP & to take a Bold & positive decision of your life.

You too can log on to the website https://housing.com/ and can promote it amongst your friends tagging @housing or +Housing-com with the hashtag #StartANewLife.

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