Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DFI expands european market service UK’S glass machinery solutions

Diamon-Fusion International (DFI), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, announced on February 6, 2014 that the company has joined forces with Glass Machinery Solutions Ltd., a leading glass and stone machinery and service supplier based in the United Kingdom.   

Glass Machinery Solutions Ltd is the official distributor for Glaston Bavelloni, Forvet, Techni Waterjet, Abshot sandblasting machines, ForzaG water treatment products, Dip-Tech ceramic printing, Deltarack, & Elephant lifting and handling products.

Glass Machinery Solutions offers over 60 years of combined experience in the glass & stone industries covering every aspect of the business including engineering services, operator training, product development and sales. In this new agreement with DFI, Glass Machinery Solutions will offer the award-winning Diamon-Fusion® patented hydrophobic coating products for silica-based surfaces in the UK and Ireland markets, focusing on architectural glass market, both in hand-applied form as well as the newly launched FuseCube™, DFI’s ultra-efficient CVD protective coating machine can automatically treat both sides of the glass thus reducing costs up to 84% in labor and materials versus any other protective coating and with NO cure time all while generating ZERO emissions to the environment under an eco-friendly cartridge-system process. The superior DFI products restore, protect and help maintain a variety of surfaces, including glass, granite, tile, porcelain, stainless steel and others. This new distribution channel increases DFI’s network of partners in Europe, as the company continues its strategic expansion plans globally. Glass Machinery Solutions is also in the process of becoming a DFI Authorized Service Provider for its patent-pending FuseCube™ technology.

“Customer satisfaction is paramount to our success and we pride ourselves on offering a service that is unrivaled in the UK,” shared Richard Gerrard, Director of Glass Machinery Solutions. “By partnering with DFI and offering its award-winning products and unique FuseCube protective coating machine, we now have a competitive advantage in our marketplace and can stand firm in our claims of providing the best protective coating, and service, available today. The GMS team is committed to providing outstanding and professional solutions and we look forward to growing our business offerings, while helping DFI expand their position as the leading coating manufacturer globally.” 

Guillermo Seta, Corporate Vice President and Executive Director of DFI, added: “This new agreement withGlass Machinery Solutions represents not only a very solid step toward our continued expansion in Europe but also, and more specifically, toward the broadening of our product line with our new offering of the FuseCube; we always strive to offer each and every customer the scalability that is required to cover all volumes, as well as the most ample industrial flexibility to ensure that every customer can grow and adapt the coating process under the most efficient system thus streamlining production flow while increasing profits.”

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