Friday, July 10, 2015

Dabur Honey - balanced & a nutrient diet

Truly speaking the weight reduction is a gradual process by taking a healthy & balanced diet, but instead of going for a nutrient diet, many of us opt for the crash diet which is absolutely a bad idea. We have seen many fat persons becoming slim in a short span with hanging skin. They look bad and ugly. Moreover, the minute they stop taking such crash diet, they again start gaining weight.

These crash diets are very harmful for the human body. By consuming crash diets, we don’t actually lose the fat of our body, instead such crash diets make a severe impact on the body’s stored supply of carbohydrate glycogen. When we burn glycogen, we lose water as well, from our body as our body contains almost 70% water and this burning of water from our body shows as we have reduced our weight. It results in unnecessary irritation of mind, tiredness and lethargy as our body is not getting the nutrients that are required to produce energy.

It may also result in nutritional & calcium deficiencies that may lead to osteoporosis as well many other Heart, Liver and Kidney ailments. Moreover, while starving on a crash diet, our body lowers the metabolism to burn fewer calories and when we start eating again, it becomes difficult for our body to adjust and as a result we gain more weight that that too rapidly.

Therefore, instead of a crash diet, we must go for a balanced and nutrient diet so that we are never over weighted, and if there is any excessive fat in our body, it gets burned down gradually keeping us fit and healthy.

To stay fit and healthy, we can just replace sugar with a natural sugar i.e. Honey. Honey has all the nutrients that are required by our body, such as carbohydrates, minerals, amino acids, proteins and the required vitamins. By the intake of honey, we can get more energy without building much heat and as a result, it can be taken in winters as well in summers. Its moisturizing and nourishing properties give a glow to our skin. It’s highly digestible. It’s beneficial in cough & cold conditions. Moreover, it can be taken with warm water regularly for the weight management.

We must keep in mind that the honey we consume is free of any impurities such as pollen, wax and dust & therefore it must be properly filtered and processed. A local concern can never offer us a quality product and therefore, we must look for a branded product as they have all the technology for the efficient production.

Dabur honey is one such brand that can easily be relied upon. We can know much more about Dabur honey from the Honey Diet  Link that connects us with

If we want to be healthy and fit, we can just replace sugar with honey in our daily diet. It can be taken in tea, coffee, milk, juices, mock drinks, ice cream, kulfi faluda and so on. Instead of consuming jam or butter on our breakfast, we can use honey in our bread. It can save us from all the bad impacts of sugar and can keep us healthy & fit. It can also help us stay away from the worst impacts of the crash diets. 

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