Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The trend is back again : Sand blasting of Denim Jeans

A few years ago there was a great trend of Sand blasting of Denim jeans using a portable machine with compressor. The abrasive media being used was the steel shots. Than all of a sudden, the trend vanished for few years. Surprisingly, the market has again started doing sand blasting of Denim jeans. But caution must be taken while using a machine and while using the abrasive media.

Vohras International offers machines & media for sand blasting of Denim jeans, Denim tops etc. The range includes portable or cabinet type sand blasting machines, sand blasting nozzles as well the iron grits, aluminium oxide, sand etc.

B S Vohra
Expert - Surface Finishing Machines
to know more for jeans sand blasting.

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