Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tumblast Shot Blasting machine with a height of 9 Ft only

A Tumblast shot blasting machine size 20"x27" has been developed with a maximum height of 9 Ft only. The normal height of the machine generally ranges around 11 to 11.5 Ft. But this specific model has been designed for installations at the low height areas, such as the Basement of the Industrial Sheds. 

The machine has a suitable Dust collector attached with it & can be used for the cleaning & finishing of Castings, Forgings, Aluminium & Zinc die castings, Brass & Gunmetal parts, Sheet metal as well as Tempered components. Medium to small sizes of components can be loaded in the machine in suitable batches for the desired outcome. 

Trials can be arranged for all type of Metal parts on these Shot blasting machines. Please feel free to contact the Manufacturers & Exporters of the machine via

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